Personal Projects: 2013-2015

My favorite projects created by yours truly.

Medium: Gouache 
An experimental study of color, light and light reflection. A still life of Fruit. - My favorite project from Freshman year.
Medium: Chalk Pastel
A reproduction of the "Madame Monet and Her Son". A study of color within color.
Medium: Charcoal
A still life study of objects.
Medium: Ink Pen
One of my most proudest creations; simple yet elegant, a study of line work. My favorite Perfume bottle.
Medium: Gouache
A study of color and shadow.  
Medium: Ink
A hand drawn and created pattern using ink on paper.
Medium: Pencil
A study of texture: A wash cloth and group of pencils. 
Medium: Pencil
One-point perspective of Gosnell Hallway. 
Medium: Gouache
A monochromatic study of color and light.
Medium: Wood
Balance three wood blocks in order to make a dynamic form. 
Medium: Chalk Pastel
A study of the human muscles. 
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