Little Angels of Honduras: Preemie Examination Table

Overview: Prepare conceptual proposals for an innovative, universally designed Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) examination table that securely supports a premature infant while enabling examination by a physician. Design Problem: Using your research from the studio discussions and readings about KMC in the instructor provided handouts propose a stationary or mobile examination table capable of the following: 1. Ability to incline 30-degrees to maintain an angle that reduces reflux in premature newborns 2. Design thinking for ensuring baby is secure and that a 71-degree temperature is maintained 3 .Possible room for up to three babies to be examined(optional)with separation between exam areas 4. Ergonomics for the examination procedures including:ReachAccessApproachVisual lines of sight 5. Integrated scale to weigh newborn 6. Innovative, original point of use storage solutions for the following items:Neonatal stethoscopeOphthalmoscopeOxygen saturation monitor/pulse oximeterChanging matsBaby wipesSoft clothsSwabs Preemie diapersAssessment sheets, pens 7. Horizontal surface(s) for the doctor to write notes while examining newborn and for staging medical equipment 8. Medical grade material selections appropriate for neonatal care and clean ability

Poster 18" W x 48" H
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