Little Angels of Honduras: Mobile Education Unit

Design Directive: The Mobile KMC is an educational extension of Escuela Hospital’s 4200 Square Foot Kangaroo Mother Care program. The mobile unit provides educational outreach to clinicians and mothers to improve post NICU care by insuring moms are well supported, proper KMC methods are practiced and that regular checkups are thoroughly completed. Currently,there are less than five professionally trained KMC providers in the country of Honduras. The Mobile KMC will offer hands on training for clinicians at their tier II hospitals and local clinics for correct KMC posture, positioning and at home follow-up care so that they in turn are better prepared to teach mothers how to care for their babies. The unit also houses infant assessment tools to perform well baby checks and monitor infant progress. Clinicians will receive peer training from a variety of specialists including a neonatologist, psychologist, ophthalmologist,neurologist and lactation specialist. Data collected from care provided through the Mobile KMC will support scholarly studies and research on the long term benefits of KMC practices in Honduras.The Honduran army is currently using the Mercedes Benz Unimog. The Unimog is being phased out in favor of a similar vehicle from India. Worldwide, Unimog vehicles have been retrofitted for all kinds of purposes from ambulances to recreational campers. Little Angels of Honduras is currently working to acquire a Unimog through the government and the local Mercedes Benz dealer for use as a Mobile KMC. Design Constraints: 1.Since the Mobile KMC is an extension of Escuela Hospital you will use your design concept, material selections and palette from the 4200 Square Foot project to design the retrofit for the Unimog 2. Keep in mind that this is truly an all-terrain vehicle and items can and will shift around;design for turbulent rides 3. Cab dimensions can be verified by the 3d model and dealer technical downloads 4. Exterior Dimensions of the compartment are 8’0” wide x 13’0” long x 8’0” high 5. Interior Dimensions of the compartment are 7’8” wide x 12’8”long x 7’8” high 6. The compartment may be punctured in any way to illuminate the interior, provide ventilation and access 7. All glazed surfaces must have a blackout device to optimize conditions for ophthalmology care 8. Vertical access to enter the cab should be considered,can be removable and stored on the vehicle 9. The vehicle can include power sources run off the motor; a generator or solar panels with batteries 10. Storage systems can be custom designed using the material list provided by Ergo for the KMC table 11. The roof of the cab can be peaked if desired for additional interior head room 12.Consider economy of materials as retrofits can be very expensive

Poster 18" W x 48" H
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